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It's time to travel

Getaways Advantage offers simple 1:1 exchanges for any of our in network resorts. With Getaways Advantage it is easy to go more places, meet more people, and experience the world. We are committed to empowering you to take control of when and where you vacation, while delivering you simple, valuable, and transparent travel options for your resort ownership.

About Getaways Advantage

Getaways Advantage is the premier vacation exchange service that makes traveling to new places fun and simple. 

Simply deposit your week and exchange it for any week that is available in our exchange pool. Should you not find what you are looking for you can make a special request and one of our Getaway Guides will do their best to help you book your perfect vacation. 


What Makes Us Different

- There is never any lockup period when you bank your weeks. Use them immediately or keep them banked for up to 3 years.

- You will never pay a penny until you find the vacation you are looking for. Once you do have the perfect spot in mind you will only pay one low fee for domestic or international exchanges.

- Our system is one of the most simple, straightforward, and cost effective exchange systems on the market. You never have to remember any sort of tricky trading power tables or obscure valuation models

- There are never any guest fees when booking through this service. You are free to spend your week as you like. That's the Getaways Advantage!

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  • How Does it Work?
    With Getaways Advantage booking a great vacation is as simple as 1, 2, 3... 1. Search online for your desired vacation destination. 2. When you have found the perfect spot call 1(866)964-4233 to book your stay. 3. Need help booking your dream vacation? Simply call 1(866)964-4233 and speak to one of our vacation experts and let us do the searching for you!
  • Should I Fix-it or Flex-it?
    You have carefully poured over all the options available and have chosen when and where your next vacation will be. Now the only thing left to decide is if you will fix-it or flex-it. Fix-It Fix-it booking is perfect for the decisive customer. With fix-it booking your transaction is final. This option offers you a discount on the usual booking rate, but in the event you decide to cancel your booking you will forfeit any fees paid as well as any deposit credit that you exchanged. Flex-It Not 100% sure if the booking time is right for you? No problem. When you book using the flex-it option any booking fees paid as well as any Deposit credits will be returned to you. You can then immediately use the credits to book an adventure for a different time at any of our resorts or decide to keep the time slot allotted to you by your home club.
  • What If I Want My Friend To Use My Week?
    Friends and family members need vacations too. With Getaways Advantage your week is yours to use as you choose. Book vacations with you friends or family at no additional charge.
  • What are Bonus weeks?
    As part of Getaways' exchange service you have access to bonus weeks. These are weeks that are in our exchange program and available to be booked within 6 months of the check in date. Bonus weeks do not require an Exchange Credit to book Because these weeks are offered at a drastically reduced rate you must be a member to take advantage.
  • What Are The Fees?
    Getaways Advantage has one of the most affordable and transparent fee structures in the industry. 1: $129 for a Fix-It exchange (Domestic or International) 2: $164 for a Flex-It exchange (Domestic or International) 3: Upgrade Fee from a Studio to 1 Bedroom is $50 4: Upgrade Fee from a Studio to a 2 Bedroom is $70 5: Credit Extension Fee is $85 per transaction
  • What If I Need Help Booking My Trip?
    Getaways Advantage is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service available. If you have any questions about your booking or you need some assistance please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly Booking Experts! Tel: 1.866.964.4233
  • What If I Do Not Have Time To Travel This Year?
    With the traditional Time Share industry not being able to travel regularly can pose a challenge. Getaway's Advantage puts you back in control of your vacation sechedule. When you bank your week with us your exchange credit is good for up to three years. If you are too busy to vacation now you can simply pick a time that works better for you. There are also never any guest fees for using our service. You can use your week for any of your friends or family members at no additional cost.
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